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  • Nicole Noles Collins

Three ways to help you stop smoking with acupuncture

Stop smoking today! Acupuncture can help kick your butts to the curb and mitigate the oxidative damage that smoking causes. There are three ways acupuncture can help: Full-body acupuncture, NADA and ear seeds.

A full-body acupuncture session addresses constitutional complaints while also helping to reduce cravings. It takes longer because your acupuncture physician will talk to you before each session, check your tongue and/or pulse, and come up with a Chinese medicine differential diagnosis before needling you. Needles are typically placed in the head, torso, arms and legs while you lay down on a treatment table. A full session typically takes around an hour.

NADA is a specific set of protocols for needling points in the ear based on whatever addictions need to be addressed — eating, smoking, alcohol, etc. Needles are placed in the ears only, based on the protocol needed, and there is no diagnosis involved, so it takes less time, too. You can read or sit in a chair during this type of treatment, to help distract you, but I've developed more of a spa treatment style to help people relax.

Ear seeds are sterilized plant seeds on a tiny bandage that sticks to the ear, or they could be gold pellets with fancy crystals but look nicer on the ear. A treatment with ear seeds is the same as a NADA acupuncture treatment, except you keep the seeds on your ears for about five days, and you press them and massage your ear during the day when you have cravings. If you don't press, them, they won't work though, so the patient has to do the work to help the cravings.

You weren’t born a smoker, and with acupuncture, you can kick those butts to the curbs — for good.

Nicole Noles Collins is a licensed acupuncture physician at Vitalichi Acupuncture. Nicole has two bachelor's degrees - Alternative Medicine and Professional Health Sciences - as well as a master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has a passion for both writing and natural health. Please visit her website at and like her Facebook page at Vitalichi Acupuncture. For more information, call 941-979-9793.

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