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Services, Prices and Good Faith Estimates

Initial Consultation: $100

The initial consultation is a comprehensive health history and intake and takes about 90 minutes for the average patient. Once this is complete, you may schedule your acupuncture office visits. 

Acupuncture Office Visit: $75 PER VISIT.

The acupuncture office visit typically takes about 60 minutes, with a brief intake and 20 to 40 minutes of needle time, depending on the patient's comfort.

A typical course of acupuncture is considered to be one initial intake and 10 acupuncture office visits for most conditions. The total cost is $850. Your condition may not be typical, and may take more than 10 visits to resolve. 

Combination Initial Consultation and First Acupuncture Office Visit: $175 

Many patients prefer to schedule both an initial consultation and their first office visit on the same day. Please plan on staying for approxomately 2 hours.

Auricular (Ear / NADA) acupuncture: $50 per visit

Ear acupuncture to stop smoking, manage stress, weight or blood pressure DOES NOT REQUIRE AN INITIAL CONSULT and can be booked same day. This does not include a diagnosis. Some patients only need one visit; most need multiple visits. Auricular Medicine is a separate branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine which focuses on managing physical and emotional issues using reactive points of the ear. While western medical massage models focus on the feet to treat the reflex points of the body, an acupuncture physician looks to the ear to treat reflex points using needles or ear seeds. 

Bach Flower consultation: $75 PER VISIT. Bach Flower remedies cost about $20 per bottle depending on store.

The Bach consult is 60 minutes, and may be scheduled online or in person. Anywhere from 1 to 5 remedies may be chosen depending on the patient's visit. Patient is responsible for buying the remedies chosen during the consult. Bach Flower remedies are considered a seperate but complete branch of homeopathy, specializingin emotional healing. It was developed by Dr. Bach, an English physician and bacteriologist who practiced during the first half of the 20th century. A consultation is one hour; remedies are an additional cost.

Herb and Supplement Consultation: $75 PER VISIT.

A 30 to 60 minute office visit to review your current herb and supplement usage, and make appropriate changes according to your personal health history. Free with acupuncture office visit or can be scheduled seperately.

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